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Crypto Please is now Espresso cash.

· 2 min read
Anthony Emezu

Espresso Cash

The long awaited rebrand is here!

Crypto Please is now Espresso cash.

Crypto Please made its debut on the WEB3 stage in February 2021 with its app offering unique features like the ability for users to send and receive money using patented secure links. This was a huge step forward in our goal to onboard users that were new to the crypto space and make the overall experience of sending and receiving money fast and easy.

We realized that the secure links feature had huge potential for stablecoins more than other volatile crypto tokens, leading to the decision to focus our effort to make it extremely easy to send stablecoins to friends with USDC or pay for your coffee with crypto with our unique link technology.

It was clear that we had become a new and exciting company as a whole. This was made official with the announcement that we were rebranding as Espresso Cash. Espresso took the trail blazing features of the previous product and expanded it to become what we believe new and veteran users would find not only useful but game changing.

Espresso Cash sees the potential of the blockchain space to be a major disruptor in the traditional financial infrastructure and we didn’t want to limit the perception of our brand by having the word “crypto” confusing users.

We are now Espresso Cash and are excited to bring to the next 1 billion users access to the future structure of fast payments.