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Espresso Cash is now available in the USA, Europe, and Nigeria 🇺🇸🇪🇺🇳🇬!! Starting today, you can freely send money between the USA, Europe, and Nigeria with the best conversion rates. Cash out your money into Dollars, Euros, or Naira.

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Android app

The act of sending money across borders has always been a complex and challenging process. According to a 2022 American study, only 1% of respondents claimed to have used cryptocurrencies to send money to family or friends outside of the country. Although cryptocurrencies offer unique benefits, such as the ability to work around the world 24/7/365 and ownership of your funds instead of relying on a bank, the percentage of users highlights the challenges that average users face when dealing with this technology.

Espresso Cash was designed with the aim of simplifying the process of sending money using stable coins. This mobile wallet addresses the concerns of average users and overcomes various challenges associated with cryptocurrency. Here are some of the key design decisions that make Espresso Cash stand out from the crowd.

Espresso Cash is designed with the average person in mind, providing a list of features that can be used to onboard new users in less than 10 seconds. While other wallets have been designed for Defi, most of them do not cater to average users.

Espresso Cash is a mobile wallet.

Espresso Cash is not just a Chrome extension, but a mobile wallet that aims to target the over 1 billion users who use their phones for daily transactions.

Although the ability to send money with links is one of Espresso Cash's features, it is just the tip of the iceberg. The link feature provides little value on its own, and users are left to figure out what to do next. Espresso Cash aims to provide a seamless user experience, whether the user has the app installed or not.

We are all in one product, not a crypto app store.

Espresso Cash is an all-in-one product, as opposed to a crypto app store. The goal is to provide users with the best experience when sending USDC across the world.

We onboard users with a stablecoin for now USDC, not with SOL, ATOM or ETHER.

The decision to onboard users with a stablecoin, such as USDC, instead of SOL, ATOM, or ETHER, sets Espresso Cash apart from other wallets. Users are educated about stablecoins as a universal means of payment before learning about other cryptocurrencies like SOL or ETHER. Furthermore, all fees are paid in USDC, which avoids confusing new users with volatile assets.

We didn’t do another name service because privacy is not there yet.

Unlike some products that offer name services, Espresso Cash does not. The team believes that name services are not the solution to the problem of adoption. Instead, the focus is on educating users about self-custody and the secret recovery key.

We use Solana because they are the fastest and cheapest to send USDC but we don’t advertise it.

Espresso Cash leverages Solana infrastructure to facilitate the use of stable coins, but users do not need to know which blockchain the platform uses on its back-end.

We do care about self-custody and we are educating our user the best we can.

Self-custody is essential for Espresso Cash users, and the team is dedicated to educating them about it. Although it may be tempting to provide login with Google or web3auth, this approach could be misleading and dangerous. Educating users about the secret recovery key is part of the web3 journey and a fundamental shift in paradigm.

We do care about on-ramp and off-ramp in terms of user-experience and fees.

On-ramp and off-ramp are crucial components of the user experience when it comes to cashing in or cashing out USDC. Espresso Cash has partnered exclusively with Ramp Network to offer users the best experience possible, with the lowest fees and the highest level of compliance. In conclusion, Espresso Cash is a unique mobile wallet designed to simplify the process of sending money using stable coins. With its focus on providing the best user experience for average users, it aims to change the way we send money across borders.

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Anthony Emezu

Android app

We are happy to announce that our groundbreaking app is now available on Android and iOS.

Espresso Cash is the easy way to send money across the globe. It’s a SAFE, FAST, and UNIVERSAL mobile finance app.

SAFE: Our secure passcode protects your transactions when you send or receive money.

FAST: Creating a wallet takes less than 20 seconds. Converting your money has never been easier with Espresso Cash. Instantly send and receive to and from friends.

UNIVERSAL: Espresso Cash is available in more than 150 countries!

HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: Transfer money safely via stablecoins to any person or entity with just a link securely. After you choose the amount you want to send, the app automatically generates a link which can then be sent to a recipient through your desired messaging app like Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal, email or even the good old SMS. Sending money has never been easier!

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Anthony Emezu

Espresso Cash

The long awaited rebrand is here!

Crypto Please is now Espresso cash.

Crypto Please made its debut on the WEB3 stage in February 2021 with its app offering unique features like the ability for users to send and receive money using patented secure links. This was a huge step forward in our goal to onboard users that were new to the crypto space and make the overall experience of sending and receiving money fast and easy.

We realized that the secure links feature had huge potential for stablecoins more than other volatile crypto tokens, leading to the decision to focus our effort to make it extremely easy to send stablecoins to friends with USDC or pay for your coffee with crypto with our unique link technology.

It was clear that we had become a new and exciting company as a whole. This was made official with the announcement that we were rebranding as Espresso Cash. Espresso took the trail blazing features of the previous product and expanded it to become what we believe new and veteran users would find not only useful but game changing.

Espresso Cash sees the potential of the blockchain space to be a major disruptor in the traditional financial infrastructure and we didn’t want to limit the perception of our brand by having the word “crypto” confusing users.

We are now Espresso Cash and are excited to bring to the next 1 billion users access to the future structure of fast payments.